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Saturday, May 18, 2013

President Obama's Weekly Address (5/18/13)

President remains focused on jobs and the economy

President Obama used this week's address to stay focused on jobs and the economy. Moving beyond what he termed the "Washington echo chamber," President Obama spoke of progress that has been made with an eye towards where we need to go in the future:

"That's why I like getting out of the Washington echo chamber whenever I can -- because too often, our politics aren't focused on the same things you are. Working hard. Supporting your family and supporting your community. Making sure your kids have every chance in life.

More than anything, the American people make me optimistic about where we're headed as a nation. Especially after all we've been through during the past several years. And that should encourage us all to work even harder on the on the issues that matter to you.

In a little over three years, our businesses have created more than 6.5 million new jobs. And while our unemployment rate is still too high, it's the lowest it's been since 2008. But now we need to create even more good, middle-class jobs, and we've got to do it faster.

Corporate profits have skyrocketed to an all-time high. But now we need to get middle-class wages and incomes rising, too.

Our housing market is healing. But we need to do a lot more to help families stay in their homes, or to help them refinance to take advantage of historically low rates.

And our deficits -- well, they're shrinking at the fastest rate in decades. But now we've got to budget in a smarter way that doesn't hurt middle-class families or harm critical investments in our future." (transcript)

President Obama's Weekly Address:







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