Welcome to Operation Reach B.L.A.C.K.

Operation Reach B.L.A.C.K. is a Pan-African Blog with an acronym that stands for Building Leadership Awareness and Cultural Knowledge.

The goal of this blog is to become a "Blog of Black Thought" focusing on matters of social, economic and political awareness through education (re-education), self-affirmation and cultural expression. Above all, this blog will DEMAND respect and appreciation for one another as black men and women.

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(Opinions, Observations, and Commentary)

Who is B-Serious?

B-Serious is. . . Jamal Lacy

A brief introduction:

Jamal Lacy is the creator of Operation Reach B.L.A.C.K.  He received his Juris Doctorate in 2007 and Bachelors in Political Science with departmental honors in 2003. He served as a teaching assistant in constitutional law as an undergraduate where he covered matters of civil rights and civil liberties.

Mr. Lacy has a background in civil rights work where he has demonstrated his passion both in study and urban grassroots political initiatives. His areas of study have involved matters of equal protection - including race, gender, sexual orientation, affirmative action, and police misconduct. In addition to civil rights, Mr. Lacy’s legal training includes matters pertaining to landlord/tenant law, and workplace discrimination.

Mr. Lacy has participated in discussions focusing on matters of race, affirmative action and community organizing. A strong belief in community and political action, Mr. Lacy founded Operation Reach B.L.A.C.K., a program that serves as the inspiration for this website.

Mr. Lacy writes on current events and politics under the name "B-Serious" for Operation Reach B.L.A.C.K.  He formerly contributed to the award-winning blog Jack and Jill Politics/This Week in Blackness.

Twitter: @JamalBSerious
EMail: Jamal.opreachblack@gmail.com


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